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Brenna's love for books was born the day she received her first volume of fairy tales as a young child. Being transported to magical realms inhabited by princes and princesses filled her heart with joy and nurtured her desire to write.


She adores all things Scotland and visits whenever possible, incorporating its long history and beautiful landscape in her books.

But, as much as Brenna loves telling stories of the past, she much prefers the conveniences of modern-day living.


A lifelong Northeasterner, she grew tired of the cold and snow and replaced it with sun and sand when she and her husband, along with their unbelievably spoiled and obsessively needy cat, Lilly, moved to Florida.


Brenna hopes you'll join her as she journeys to the past!

Twenty Questions with Brenna

Let’s have some fun and play twenty questions!

  1. Favorite Sport? I have two – hockey and Formula 1 racing

  2. Coffee or Tea? Both! When I’m trying to be good, I’ll stick with tea – Oolong is my favorite. When I don’t care about calories or being healthy, coffee – with lots of cream and sugar!

  3. Favorite Movie Musical? I love musicals! There are so many that I can watch over and over again, but if I have to choose just one as my absolute favorite, it’s definitely The Sound of Music.

  4. Favorite Authors? Jude Deveraux, Janet Chapman, Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Maya Banks, and Brenda Novak to name a few.

  5. Favorite Food? My mom’s chicken croquettes and mac and cheese.

  6. Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate? Dark!

  7. Favorite TV Series? Outlander, Bridgerton, Ray Donovan, Lucifer, Warrior, and Sons of Anarchy.

  8. Items I collect? Elephants, fun notebooks, Mickey ears, and mugs.

  9. A place I would move to in a heartbeat? This one is easy, Scotland! The hardest thing would be to decide which part, but most likely somewhere in the Highlands.

  10. Cats or Dogs? Cats! I love dogs, too, but I’m highly allergic to them. Pair that with my asthma and it’s not a good situation for me.

  11. Favorite color? Purple!

  12. Favorite book or series? The Velvet Series, The Spitfire, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark-Hunters, The Breathless Trilogy, and On the Island.

  13. A movie I never get tired of watching? Clueless. As if!! 🙂

  14. Favorite actor? Charlie Hunnam

  15. Bucket List Item? Orkney

  16. Guilty TV Show Obsession? Big Brother, The Circle, Too Hot To Handle

  17. Something I’m learning? How to speak Korean.

  18. Favorite thing to do? Girl’s trip with my besties! Disney!

  19. Beach or Mountains? Beach!

  20. Favorite obsession? BTS. I fell down the BTS rabbit hole in 2020 and they have so much content that I haven’t climbed out yet. Borahae!

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