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2023 Historical Romance Author Trick or Treat Hop
Names 2023 Trick or treat hop (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png







Click on the below links to continue on to the next author.

2023 Historical Romance Authors Trick-or-Treat HoLink List

Alanna Lucas -

Alexa Aston -

Allison B. Hanson -

Amy Jarecki -

Anna Markland -

Anna St. Claire -

Aviva Orr -

Deb Marlowe -

E. Elizabeth Watson -

Eliana Piers -

Elizabeth Rose -

Gina Conkle -

Heather McCollum -

Jane Charles -

Jennifer Seasons -

Jessica A. Clements -

Karla Kratovil -

Katherine Bone -

Katherine Grant -

Kathryn Le Veque -

Lana Williams -

Lori Ann Bailey -

Maeve Greyson -

Margaux Thorne -

Melanie Rose Clark -

Ruth A. Casie -

Sandra Sookoo -

Tara Kingston -

Terri Brisbin -


Email your completed list of author names, with their treat names, to with the heading: “Historical Romance Authors are Sweet” to be entered into the $150 gift card grand prize random drawing.


Brenna listens to music all the time and when she's writing, it’s no different.

For every book she writes, she creates a soundtrack that Brenna

 listens to whenever she works on a particular book. 

Featured are soundtracks Brenna's created and the link to listen to them on Spotify if you’re interested.

Please remember to support the artists listed and listen to their music from a valid resource.

10/13/2023 – A Kiss of Stone Audiobook released.

8/30/2023 – edits for Sweet Rogue O' Mine done and submitted.

8/22/2023 – got edits back on Sweet Rogue O' Mine.

8/10/2023 – finished plotting Rogue You Like a Hurricane.


7/31/2023 – approved 15 minute checkpoint for A Kiss of Stone audio.


7/20/2023 – audio narration for A Kiss of Stone has started.

7/13/2023 – a Kiss of Stone is coming to audio.

6/15/2023 – started plotting Rogue You Like a Hurricane.


5/31/2023 – sent Sweet Rogue O’ Mine to the editor.

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