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Historical Romance Easter Egg Hop

You've found my egg! 

A Memory and a Giveaway!

Did you know that eggs are super strong when set at the perfect angle? I found that out the hard way one Easter morning when my son was young. He was so excited that the Easter Bunny had come and brought him a basket, and he had a blast searching for the eggs. I had squatted down to help him and he jumped excitedly in my arms and caused me to fall down---directly on an egg. And that fall broke my coccyx (tailbone)! We can laugh about it now, but it was quite embarrassing when it happened. Do you have a funny or fond memory? Use my contact page to send me a message about it and you'll be entered to win a swag pack. 

Winner will be drawn 4/1 at 6pm EST.

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Brenna listens to music all the time and when she's writing, it’s no different.

For every book she writes, she creates a soundtrack that Brenna

 listens to whenever she works on a particular book. 

Featured are soundtracks Brenna's created and the link to listen to them on Spotify if you’re interested.

Please remember to support the artists listed and listen to their music from a valid resource.

3/26/2024 – Sweet Rogue O' Mine released.

12/31/2023 – Sent Rogue You Like a Hurricane to my editor.

10/13/2023 – A Kiss of Stone Audiobook released.

8/30/2023 – edits for Sweet Rogue O' Mine done and submitted.

8/22/2023 – got edits back on Sweet Rogue O' Mine.

8/10/2023 – finished plotting Rogue You Like a Hurricane.


7/31/2023 – approved 15 minute checkpoint for A Kiss of Stone audio.


7/20/2023 – audio narration for A Kiss of Stone has started.

7/13/2023 – a Kiss of Stone is coming to audio.

6/15/2023 – started plotting Rogue You Like a Hurricane.


5/31/2023 – sent Sweet Rogue O’ Mine to my editor.

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