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A Pirate's Treasure


What happens when a mercenary gets

more than he bargains for?

Pirate mercenary Lochlan MacLean loves his life on the sea, yet yearns for lands of his own to call home. He chooses his missions wisely, taking care they don’t go against his strict moral code. But when a deceitful father hires him for a challenging task – kidnapping a woman – he questions himself and his ethics. The spoils in both land and coin will fulfill his dream, and he can’t resist the job or the beautiful lass.

Strong-willed Lady Isobel Willys has always been promised her future is hers to choose until her father betrays her by promising her to a widowed Scottish laird under the guise of a peace treaty between their borderland families. While journeying to visit family, her travel party is set upon by a handsome highlander who she believes is her betrothed too impatient to wait. Soon she finds out everything she’s ever known is a lie and her family’s future is uncertain.

Isobel’s fierce attraction to Lochlan threatens the promised peace for her family. She must make a choice: go against her family’s wishes to live the life she chooses, or lose the man she might be in love with. Lochlan’s desire for Isobel could cost him lands and coin. Can he give up the one thing he’s always wanted for the one thing he never knew he needed?

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