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A Pirate's Wrath


A strong-willed woman.

A ruthless pirate.

An unbreakable bond.

Seonag Ruane never believed her father died in an ambush. She knows he was betrayed by men he trusted. Driven by her mother’s grief and her own need for vengeance, Seonag will do whatever it takes to discover the truth. Even risk her own life. Her plan for revenge never included falling in love with the sweet-tongued pirate who shared his secrets late at night.

Captain Colin Harris’s closest friend was killed by his mutinous crew. He vows to avenge his fellow pirate’s death by seeking retribution and recovering the bounty the ship was transporting. It’s the least he can do for the family left behind. His mission is compromised when he discovers the lad he recently hired is actually a woman in disguise and their mutual bond of trust is broken. Angered by her deceit, he imprisons the masquerader.

Seonag is certain she’s failed in her quest to destroy those responsible for her father’s death. How will she forgive the one man she thought she could trust? Unable to dismiss the powerful pull of attraction toward the lass, Colin decides to free her, only to learn too late that she has been captured. Worse, he discovers that she is his late friend’s daughter. Will he get to her before his mistake takes away the one woman that might make him whole?

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