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A Warrior's Reckoning


A reluctant laird.

Broderick MacLeod never expected to be laird of a clan he hasn’t been a part of in years. As a member of the Amadán, a secretive group of mercenaries sworn to exact justice and fight for those who can’t, he’s accustomed to leading warriors. But being laird is a responsibility he isn’t prepared for, and when he finds a brutalized lass on his way back to his childhood home, the need to protect her wars with his duty to his clan, now dependent on him following the untimely deaths of his father and brother. And as they grow closer, the pull of attraction between them is undeniable.

A tormented woman.

Maggie Grant is not some weak maiden that will acquiesce without a fight. After barely surviving being abducted after an attack on her village, she plots her revenge against the vile brute who stole everything from her. Even if it means defying the powerful laird who provided her safety and shelter. The same man who not only earned her hard-won trust, but shows her she is worthy of being loved.

Their quest for vengeance.

Both Maggie and Broderick yearn to deal the death blow to the brigand who has taken everything from them. When their shared enemy threatens not only their happiness, but their lives, can they work together to destroy him? Or will shadows from their past tear apart their future together?

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