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Sweet Rogue O' Mine

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A scarred duke, a beautiful lass, an everlasting love…

Returning from war, Nicholas Gordon, Duke of Gordon, faces unruly siblings, a garden thief, and an unknown fiancée, courtesy of his ill, but meddling mother. Uninterested in marriage, Nicholas still agrees to meet his betrothed. Scarred from a childhood accident, his fiancé is horrified when she sees him, a reaction he’s come to expect. He contemplates how to end their engagement while dealing with a mysterious lass stealing from his gardens. A beauty he can’t ignore.

Gwendolyn Romy, living in squalor with her siblings after their parents' execution for treason, resorts to stealing flowers from Huntly Castle to survive. Stripped of everything—their home, belongings, and sense of security, she risks it all to save her brothers, and does what she must. The return of the ruggedly handsome, mask-wearing duke is unexpected. Though not so much as his offer of a governess position, a solution marred by his persistent fiancée and a family secret threatening to disgrace them.

Nicholas and Gwendolyn's feelings bloom and become undeniable, but can they overcome the forces determined to tear them apart? Or will Gwendolyn be forced to watch Nicholas wed a conniving woman he doesn’t love?

rogues of redemption
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