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Sweet Rogue O' Mine

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A scarred duke...

Nicholas Gordon, Duke of Gordon, returns from war to discover his mother is ill, his siblings are running wild, there is a garden thief, and he has a fiancé he never knew existed. Somehow, even in her fragile state, his meddling mother managed to secure him a wife. A wife he neither wanted nor needed. Horribly scarred from a tragic accident, his betrothed is unable to hide her horror upon meeting him. He contemplates how to end the charade of his upcoming nuptials while tending the rare plants and flowers in his beloved castle gardens. There he spots an enchanting lass stealing his blooms. After a handful of stealthy visits, intrigued more than angry--and unable to get the beautiful thief out of his mind--he follows her and is shocked by what he finds.

A beautiful lass...

The tenement Gwendolyn Romy and her younger brother are now forced to live in was a far cry from the majestic estate they'd once enjoyed. But when their parents were tried and executed due to their treasonous acts, she and her three siblings were stripped of everything--their home, their belongings, their sense of security, and their standing in society. Toiling away, working her fingers to the bone still isn't enough to fulfill their basic needs. She becomes discouraged until she stumbles upon the beautiful gardens of Huntly Castle and the unique flowers growing there. At great risk, she decides to sneak in and steal the blooms to sell. The return of the ruggedly handsome, mask-wearing duke complicates things. But Gwendolyn is willing to do whatever is necessary to provide for her family, even risk her freedom or life.

An everlasting love...

Nicholas is oddly driven to help the enigmatic flower, thief, and his need to learn more about her has become a borderline obsession. Sensing she may be too proud to accept charity of any kind, he hatches a plan and offers her a job as his family's governess. To his surprise, she declines until he insists and provides assurances that her siblings are welcome as well. There's only one problem, his unwanted fiancé refuses to concede the engagement. Nicholas and Gwendolyn must work together when they uncover a daunting secret that could ruin his family name.

Their feelings toward one another are powerful and undeniable, but can they overcome the forces determined to keep them apart? Or will Gwendolyn be forced to watch Nicholas wed a horrific, money-grubbing woman he doesn't love?

rogues of redemption
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